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Cannabis Indica is prone to natural growth in subtropical areas of the world. In general, you can find it in latitude 30-50 grad north or south of the equator in such countries as Pakistan, Tibet, Lebanon, Morocco and Afghanistan. As it was reported, in 1785 European botanist Jean Batiste published his first description of Indica which he discovered in India, so prefix “INDI” in the name of Ind...
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Hybrids are produced from two or more different kinds of Cannabis. It means that there is no actual origin of “hybrids” as such. The breeders have constantly been experimenting with various sorts combining them in order to improve and produce new hybrids. The possibilities of producing hybrids are considerably endless, any two or more kinds can be mixed, no matter if they are Indica and Sativa;...
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Cannabis Sativa is one of the kinds from Cannabaceae family. It originated from the countries which are located in latitude 50 grad north or south of the equator. The most well-known countries of Cannabis production are Columbia, Nigeria, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand and Indonesia.   Sativa is the biggest kind among three main Cannabis kinds (Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis). It is conne...
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Cannabis Ruderalis was first discovered in the wilds of South-East Russia, Poland and Czechia. It is a universal plant spreading farther to China and the Caucasus Mountains. It was discovered that wildlife species grow 50 degrees north from the equator. The plants have not been used by most of the serious and famous plant breeders until quite recently.   Cannabis Ruderalis is a ver...
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Legal to buy cannabis seeds: NeuroSeeds

Cannabis has been famous for its wonderful recreational and medical properties from ancient times. Modern science confirms that it has huge medical potential. Humanity used hemp to weave ropes, to make clothes, to make sails for the ships. Cannabis seeds are often part of the delicious and nutritional ethnic cuisine.

In the modern world, the range of its application is wide: from paper and plastic to medical products.

Despite the anti-cannabis opponents, the international scientific community proved its medical value. Cannabis relieves pain and improves sleep. It has an anesthetic effect helping to treat many dangerous diseases.

In CIS countries, cannabis (hemp) is cultivated as an industrial crop to produce fibers and seeds. Nutrient-rich hemp oil became more and more popular among consumers. Sometimes, you can find wild bushes of hemp in regions with a favorable growth climate.

Where to buy weed seeds?

Two main active substances of marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is responsible for the psychoactive high effect while CBD has sedative and relaxing effect. They are mainly found in leaves and buds. Cannabis is illegal in many countries because it is listed as drugs. However, the number of countries legalizing marijuana (medical and recreation) is growing. Medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Canada and the Netherlands, and partially in the USA.

People should know that there are many varieties of marijuana. There are hybrids with a high content of THC mostly used for medical purposes and there are hybrids high content of CBD recommended for mild psychoactive.

At the same time, you can buy marijuana seeds in NeuroSeeds absolutely legally. Seeds do not contain any psychoactive substances. They can be used cooking, or as food animals and birds, as amulets.

For medical and recreational use, only the tops of the shoots (buds) are harvested. The buds are covered with small sticky crystals  (trichomes) containing THC, CBD and other less well-known types of cannabinoids responsible for the different psychoactive effect.

When grown outdoors, harvesting starts from the end of August to November depending on the type of plant and weather conditions. Growing cannabis indoors is also possible. You can regulate time for flowering and harvesting. Usually, cannabis requires one and a half to two and a half months of flowering for the production of cones and seeds.

How to buy cannabis seeds?

How to buy cannabis seeds legally? There are special shops, and seed- banks offering a wide choice. You can find both cannabis seeds from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA and seeds from domestic growers. The Netherlands has the glory of one of the most loyal countries to marijuana. People who grow cannabis for seeds and new varieties are called breeders.

Almost all existing seedbanks have their own sites and give an opportunity to buy cannabis seeds online. You can check the price for seeds, read about the cannabis characteristics, read reviews. Delivery is possible to all countries of the world: your purchase of seeds is legal.

Large seed banks represent many great individual and corporate breeders. They have photos of the seed and the photos of the plants. Read the description before buying. You can write or chat with representatives of customer support

Seed banks and online stores cooperate and sell cannabis seeds with high THC.  It is convenient; customers can buy cannabis seeds from different manufacturers. They do not have to place several orders in different stores.

Our site presents cannabis seeds of different phenotypes and varieties from the world's most popular breeders. We offer you to order marijuana seeds from Holland without hassle. We guarantee timely delivery from a local warehouse. No worries that the customs will turn your package away or it gets lost in international mail. Our packaging is very discrete and we guarantee timely delivery.