Genetics of Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is prone to natural growth in subtropical areas of the world. In general, you can find it in latitude 30-50 grad north or south of the equator in such countries as Pakistan, Tibet, Lebanon, Morocco and Afghanistan. As it was reported, in 1785 European botanist Jean Batiste published his first description of Indica which he discovered in India, so prefix “INDI” in the name of Indica follows herefrom.


Indica is characterized by its strong and squat structure and short dark-green leaves. The foliage of Indica is thicker than that of lanky Sativa, it often has got a conical form of fir-tree.


Pure Indica will grow and become mature faster than Sativa. Generally speaking, Indica has got 6-8 weeks of blooming period. It makes her very popular, and this is one of the reasons why you can find heavy Indica at the street market. When growing indoors, generally most of Indica sorts can reach up to 1 m. high, and when growing outdoors they can grow 2 m. high.

From viewpoint of cannabinoids content, Indica generally has got middle content of THC with relatively high content of CBD, especially compared to Sativa. Nevertheless, the modern market focuses strongly on THC, and that makes the breeders selectively produce Indica sorts which are higher in THC, thus increasing proportion THC/CBD of commercial kinds compared to the wild ones.


Indica plants are more complete and compact in their upper part; however, they produce fewer crops than Sativa plants due to their short height. A smart grower can solve this problem. Although basically Indica produces fewer crops, it grows much faster and it takes less space which means that the grower can prospectively cultivate more Indica plants on a certain area, compared to Sativa.


High content of CBD in Indica ensures sedative and relaxing effect. As a rule, this effect is spread all over the body causing relaxation and numb feeling. This is what is often called “stone”. Indica kinds have got the same psychoactive effects as Sativa. First of all, from medical point of view Indica is considered to be more useful kind in the Cannabaceae family due to its physical effect.


Indica’s effects make it perfect medicine for treating such diseases as chronic pain, sickness, loss of appetite, arthritis, muscle spasms, sleep disorder, anxiety.


We can place emphasis on the following Indica’s effects:

-    Sedative

-    Relaxing

-    Muscle relaxant

-    Pain killer

-    Decrease of sickness

-    Increase of appetite

-    Increase of dopamine


Examples of Indica sorts:

Northern Lights

Granddaddy Purple

OG Kush



Afghani #1


Posted: 02/10/2014