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Auto-flowering seeds of marijuana appeared on the cannabis market relatively recently. That is why they can be called newcomers when compared with photoperiods.They quickly won popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. It became possible to grow weed indoors and outdoors regardless of duration of daylight/night. You can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds everywhere online stores.  Why are they so popular?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds feminized

Everybody knows that cannabis is classified into two large families: Indica and Sativa. Modern science made it possible to create hybrids: customers prefer to buy and grow hybrids which combine properties of Indica and Sativa.

The vegetation stage lasts for several weeks depending on the light regime. In nature photoperiod marijuana plants grow until the duration of the day in the day is longer than the night. They bloom when there are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. You can regulate the light/dark schedule manually when you grow indoors. Outdoors cannabis blooms in late summer or early autumn.

Indica plants are rather low (less than 1-2 meters in height): they bloom in two months. The psychoactive affect has a pronounced sedative effect. Sativa plants grow high (over several meters in height), bloom in two to three months. The psychoactive affect has a pronounced euphoric and uplifting effect.

Autoflowers versus Photoperiods

There is one more member of the family besides Sativa and Indica: it is Ruderalis.  It grows in wild nature. It looks like hemp with small height (up to a meter). It contains virtually no psychoactive substances.

The value of Ruderalis lies in its evolutionary changes. It grows in northern latitudes, where the duration of daylight is much longer than the period of darkness. Theoretically, photoperiods could not bloom and produce in such cold climates. Ruderalis can do it all: it starts blooming regardless of the duration of the daylight hours.

The world’s leading breeders used wonderful features of Rudealis and Photoperiods. As a result of hard work, they created stain with the distinctive features of the Sativa and Indica. They created an autoflowering variety. In other words, cannabis autoflowers seeds are versions of well-known photoperiod varieties. They start blooming automatically regardless of the length of daylight. It happens after a month and a half after planting and therefore the height of the plants is small. They are recommended for indoors and outdoors cultivation.

Where to buy autoflowers?

You can buy auto-flowering marijuana seeds in this section of the site. The price is marked for a certain quantity of seeds. Read the description of variety and read the reviews of experienced growers. We dispatch delivery as soon as possible after you place and pay for the order.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds make it possible to grow marijuana anywhere in the climates that are not favorable to photoperiods. The strains are a real find for people who want to grow outdoors in cold climates with a short summer. Auto flowering varieties have the fixed duration of the life cycle (70-80 days): the bushes have time to mature and to produce harvest.