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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all the information on our website is for informational purposes only. Texts and photos in no case do not call visitors to carry out illegal activities, consume or produce drugs.
Cannabis seeds, unlike to the cannabis plant, is a legal product in many countries. The seeds can be used as a souvenir, or as an ingredient of cosmetics products, as well as food for birds. Hemp seeds have been used successfully as a food additive both for various dishes and/or drinks. Furthermore, the seeds are 100% organic and do not possess any harm to one’s health. Moreover, these seeds contain uncountable number of useful compounds, fiber, minerals and vitamins, not to mention their nutritional value.
If despite all our warnings you decide to cultivate and use cannabis, you run the risk to fall under the criminal and administrative liability depending on the local laws of your country. In this case Neuroseeds.nl does not take any responsibility for your actions. Any actions after seeds purchase are your personal choice.
Accepting all conditions of our agreement you agree to all delivery terms of our shop. Neuroseeds.nl does not take a responsibility for carrier company’s delivery conditions and quality, which include the risks of delayed delivery and product damage during the transportation.