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Whenjoining the friendly cannabis growers’ community many beginners ask a question: “Which strain to choose for the cultivation?” Indeed, there are more than a thousand strains. Each variety has a set of unique features: appearance, smell, taste and effect.

Despite the fact that there are tons of varieties of marijuana, the abundance can be divided into several groups according the genotype and duration of the flowering period.

The basic classification of cannabis distinguishes between photoperiod and auto-flowering strains. The two groups differ in the mechanism of flowering. Photoperiod cannabis depends on  the changes of the duration of day and night when grown outdoors. Auto-flowering cannabis starts blooming regardless of the light and dark hours. 

Features of photoperiods

Photoperiod cannabis switches into flowering stage when the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. If the period of daylight is longer than the period of darkness, it continues to grow without the flowering.

If the growers grow outdoors, they have to wait for the end of the summer/beginning of autumn for the flowering to start naturally. The plants will reach their maximum growth and switch into flowering after the night is longer than the day. We recommend photoperiod cannabis for outside growing.

If photoperiod cannabis seeds are grown indoors, you can modify the period of vegetation and flowering by adjusting the regime of artificial light. Imagine, that you decided that your plants are fully grown, so you switch the lighting schedule to 12/12 mode to initiate the flowering stage.

Description of Auto-flowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis do not respond to the duration of light and darkness. They start blooming in a month and a half from germination. The plants are usually much smaller than the photoperiod variety.

Sativa or Indica?

One more important classification of cannabis distinguishes between Sativa and Indica.

Sativa cannabis is distinguished by height (up to several meters) and thin pointy leaves. Its psychoactive effect is energizing, fun and uplifting. The flowering period lasts from two to three months.

Indica is generally much lower than Sativa (less 1-2 meters). The flowering period lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 months. The plants are more steady, bushy and fruitful. It has sedative and relaxing effect and that is why recommended for medical purposes.

Modern market offers a wide variety of hybrids that combine the effects of Indica and Sativa in certain proportions. Hybrids have a combined effect: acceleration that transforms into relaxation.

What seeds to choose? Photoperiod cannabis seeds

The answer depends on your intentions. What effect do you like? What is the size of the growing area? Make you choice based on characteristics of a particular variety and your requirements and expectations.

If you want to buy photoperiod cannabis seeds, you can check this section of the site. Learn more about listed characteristics and description.

Photoperiod cannabis seeds and the price depend on quality and quantity. Read more reviews  on each strain. Choose a product and we will guarantee fast delivery