Payment Information

1) Do you take payment by credit and debit card?
Yes. Select payment option - Bank Card. And to your email will come requisites for payment. After we check the payment, the order will be sent.
2) Do you take orders via cheque?
We currently do not accept personal cheques for online orders or for wholesale orders.
3) Do you take payment via postal orders?
We currently do not accept postal orders.
4) Do you accept bank transfer payments?
We are more than happy to take a Bank Transfer payment! This can be done via our normal checkout process and you will be provided with a reference number and our bank details. Simply make your order, select the Bank Transfer payment method and we shall email you with your order number. Once you have received your confirmation email you will need to use your bank's transfer option, via telephone, internet or in a branch. We will send you our details, which you will need to provide during the transfer process. The IBAN or BIC / Swift codes will need to be entered. In rare cases, an address may be needed. During payment, please enter your name and order number in the comment section, so that the payment can be associated with your order. Please enter the final amount specified in your order. Any shortages in payment will result in payment rejection. Similarly choosing to split or push the transfer fee onto Neuroseeds will also result in a payment rejection.
5) Do you accept payments from USA?
Unfortunately Neuroseeds are unable to take payments from or ship to any location within the USA.
6) Do you accept PayPal?
Yes. Select payment option - PayPal. And to your email will come requisites for payment. After we check the payment, the order will be sent.
7) What happens if my order is damaged in transit?
There are rare occasions in which your shipment becomes damaged during transit. If any part of your order is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition then please contact us within a week of receiving your order. We will need a written description of any damage your package has sustained, accompanied with a photo of any damage. We shall then contact you to rectify this issue. Please take note, any returns and damaged order returns need to be approved by the Neuroseeds team. Any orders returned without prior consent will not be rectified.
8) Do you offer wholesale and bulk buying options?
We are more than happy to take wholesale orders and you will need to contact [email protected] to make an order, also contact us in advance for bulk buy purchases prior to making your order. Please email us with the quantity and items which you are interested in and we will contact you with more information.