About Us | Neuroseeds.nl

During thousands of years cannabis has been coming through a long way of evolution growing in natural
environment. People started to use it for good long time ago following their noses at first and then,
in our century, an unbelievable amount of scientific proof on healthful use of this plant. Such factors
as abundance of medical properties, evolution of genetic development and a wide range of cannabis
application inspired us to create new kinds which can be worthily evaluated by you.
Our seed bank demonstrates innovative approach to creation of new kinds of cannabis. Our
neurobiologists and geneticists had been working over creation of improved kinds of cannabis making
numerous tests and researches until they propelled to the next level. Nowadays you have a chance to try
results of painstaking work performed by scientists – plant breeders.
Our kinds of cannabis are not just marihuana in usual sense. They have been created based on the
scientific approach to neurobiology and genetics, and nowadays they offer a complete range of benefits
containing the best features taken from science and breeding background.
Being plan breeders with a big work experience in this field, we grow our seeds in the most favorable
environmental conditions, keeping a wary eye on every stage of their development. Constant tests and
scientific approach allow us to create kinds which not only offer such properties as stress resistance,
good growing ability and power, but also grant a perfect optimal balance of health-giving qualities and
Our mission is to give people cannabis of their dream! Cannabis which amazes us by its magnificence
both from the medical point of view and from viewpoint of ordinary using and growing!