Genetics of Cannabis Hybrids

Hybrids are produced from two or more different kinds of Cannabis. It means that there is no actual origin of “hybrids” as such. The breeders have constantly been experimenting with various sorts combining them in order to improve and produce new hybrids. The possibilities of producing hybrids are considerably endless, any two or more kinds can be mixed, no matter if they are Indica and Sativa; Sativa and Sativa and Ruderalis; or Indica and Sativa and Ruderalis. In the result of such crossing of various kinds the obtained genus has got the features of age-old traditions which have started since people began to grow Cannabis for the first time.


Determination of features of Cannabis hybrids is a really complicated task. It totally depends upon genetics of parent plants, and even in such case it can be difficult to distinguish features which have been transferred to the obtained hybrid. In general, in most hybrids one of the parent kinds will dominate. For example, if we cross Indica with Sativa, and then cross the obtained hybrid with another Indica, most likely genetics of Indica will exceed genetics of Sativa by 50%, and, thus, the obtained sort will predominantly demonstrate features of Indica. Such hybrids are called “Indica dominant”.


The effects of Cannabis hybrids fully depend upon genetics of parents. For example, you can discover that Sativa dominant kind has got psychedelic and psychoactive effect which is typical for Sativa kinds, combined with fast blooming period of Indica. The effects of each kind will have significant difference, as they depend upon dominance of parents’ genetics and features which they bring through crossing.


Examples of Cannabis hybrids:


Tangerine Dream

White Widow

Bubba Kush

Jack Flash


Blue Cheese

Posted: 02/10/2014