Genetics of Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is one of the kinds from Cannabaceae family. It originated from the countries which are located in latitude 50 grad north or south of the equator. The most well-known countries of Cannabis production are Columbia, Nigeria, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand and Indonesia.


Sativa is the biggest kind among three main Cannabis kinds (Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis). It is connected with environmental characteristics, where it grows traditionally. In the equator countries the length of the day changes very little during the year. As a result, Sativa species adjust growing and blooming at the same time. It results in growth of side shoots, which continue to spread and grow upwards simultaneously with blooming. That is why blossom clusters are generally stretched out and have got wide and spacious appearance, compared to their compact Indica allies. These blossom clusters are often more complete and complicated in structure. A positive factor in fast growth is that Sativa plants generally produce heavy crops. If Sativa grows in the correct environment conditions, the established plan can reach 5m in height, in seldom occasions even more. Besides that Sativa is the biggest among three main kinds of Cannabis, it has got the slowest growth and maturity period – 10-16 weeks depending on the sort.

From viewpoint of psychoactive features, Sativa generally has got high content of THC and low content of CBD (cannabidiol). You should not underestimate Sativa’s effect. As a rule, Sativa has got high content of THC and relatively low content of CBD. It arouses powerful cerebral rush. It gives a strong energetic outburst to a user and let him feel a good mood and euphoria. Sativa is also used in medicine. Psychoactive dominance of Sativa plant makes it to be perfect medicine for treatment of stress, anxiety and depression and other kinds of psychiatric disorders. In connection with proportion of THC and CBD, Sativa does not tend to be effective in treatment of pain and other physical troubles and illnesses unless it is diluted with Indica.


We can place emphasis on the following Sativa’s effects:

-    Elimination of fear

-    Antidepressant

-    Stimulation of motivation

-    Increase of mental alertness

-    Energetic

-    Inspiration for creativity


Examples of Sativa sorts:

Super Silver Haze

Kali Mist



G13 Haze

NYC Diesel

Posted: 02/10/2014