Genetics of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis was first discovered in the wilds of South-East Russia, Poland and Czechia. It is a universal plant spreading farther to China and the Caucasus Mountains. It was discovered that wildlife species grow 50 degrees north from the equator. The plants have not been used by most of the serious and famous plant breeders until quite recently.


Cannabis Ruderalis is a very small quick-growing plant which can never reach 90 cm in its height. It has got very narrow leaves and only a small number of side shoots and blossom clusters. The content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also low in the plant.


You can ask: in such case why does anyone want to grow Cannabis Ruderalis? What are advantages of such a small weed? But Cannabis Ruderalis has got its secret weapon. The matter is that this kind is auto-flowering. As distinguished from Sativa and Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis does not require special regularities to bloom easily. It blooms automatically while growing, not depending on quantity of light which it receives. It means that neither age nor light determine its cycle.


Auto-flowering features of Cannabis Ruderalis allowed introducing auto-flowering kinds of Cannabis to the market lately. The breeders were able to develop hybrids when crossbreeding popular kinds of Sativa and Indica with a little of Ruderalis and it enabled to produce new auto-flowering kinds which keep features of Indica and Sativa.


There is a tremendous advantage of Ruderalis for the breeders who prefer to grow Cannabis outdoors. Owing to its quick growth and auto-flowering ability, a smart grower can harvest the crop several times a year.


As it was mentioned before, the size and content of THC in Cannabis Ruderalis make it unbeneficial to use it in a pure form. The smokers will be disappointed by its infinitesimal effect. Nevertheless, it became possible to produce hybrids of Ruderalis thanks to the efforts of the breeders all over the world.


Flexibility of Ruderalis provides the breeders with lots of excellent alternatives. You can see that the hybrids of Ruderalis keep effect of Sativa and Indica, giving possibility to enjoy auto-flowering features of such kinds.


Examples of Ruderalis (hybrids):


Low Ryder

Easy Ryder

Fast Haze

White Express

Speed Ryder

Quick Fruit

Low Diesel

Posted: 02/10/2014