Cannabis Seeds in Canada

The seed bank offers the best cannabis seeds for sale of different varieties and types. Here you can buy cannabis seeds online in Canada including photoperiodic and auto-flowering feminized varieties. The seeds of both types are feminized o guarantee success and high yield. Read more articles about how to grow weed indoors and outdoors to learn more about nuances of the cultivation of cannabis. You can also contact our specialists for advice on the seeds, fertilizers and methods of growing. 

What are the features of photoperiodic weed?

These seeds are also called regular. Such seeds occur in nature, which means they are not genetically modified. However, most of such seeds were carefully selected. The vegetative period of such weed depends on the duration of daylight. If it is more than 12 hours, then the marijuana plants continue to grow. When the daylight is shorter than 12 hours, plants begin to bloom.

Photoperiodic varieties are distinguished by:

● beautiful and natural appearance;

● delicious taste and aroma;  

● high content of cannabinoids;       

● high productivity.       

The only shortcoming is that the grower needs to regulate the light schedule. However experienced growers love it because they are able to adjust the plant development. 

In the harsh climate of Canada, photoperiod cannabis seeds are best grown indoors or in greenhouses. Canadian summers are too short and cold and may prevent plants from fully ripening.

There are two main varieties of marijuana – Indica and Sativa. Indica has a calming and relaxing effect while Sativa gives you a burst of energy and joy.

What are the advantages of auto-flowering cannabis varieties?

Crossing Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis creates the auto-flowering cannabis varieties. It made possible the creation of highly productive and highly resistant cannabis.

The main feature of auto-flowering weed is to grow and bloom regardless of the length of daylight hours. It is a big advantage because it makes growing marijuana easy and worry-free.

In addition, they have other features:

● Fast growth. It is great for Canada with the shorter agricultural season;

● Smaller plants make it suitable for growing indoors;       

● high productivity in comparison with regular varieties;       

● high cannabinoid content (THC, CBD and etc).       

Autoflowering varieties can be grown in open ground in Canada. You do not need to worry that the plants will not have time to ripen. Plant the seeds in the prepared soil in late April when you are confident the weather will be warm.  

What are the best cannabis seeds to buy in Canada?

The question has many answers. All answers have to take into consideration the harsh climate conditions of the country. However, it should not stop you from growing your own weed indoors or outdoors. Everything depends on the experience of the grower and his or her preferences. All varieties of cannabis have advantages and disadvantages. The only thing you can’t argue with is that auto-flowering weed is much easier to grow because you do not need to adjust lighting every day. But again, the process can be automated by setting a timer. 

Where can I buy legal weed seeds?

Cannabis is not legal in many countries but it refers to the use of cannabis. However, the sale and purchase of cannabis seeds is a completely legal business. You do not risk anything if you do not advertise the cultivation of marijuana. We also do not recommend selling marijuana


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