Autoflowering feminised

 Autoflowering feminised

Many marijuana enthusiasts are interested in growing weed and want to be able to choose from the weed varieties by its characteristics. It is such a pleasure and joy to observe how the plants develop and then harvest delicious buds. However, many people are afraid that it is difficult to care for weed plants, especially observing the lighting schedule.

Fortunately, auto-flowering feminised seeds solved the problem. In our online store, you can buy auto-flowering seeds for growing in Canada indoors or outdoors.  

What are the characteristics of auto-flowering weed? 

Scientists studied amazing cannabis plants and crossed varieties of Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis to create a resistant and highly productive verities. Hybrid cannabis plants adapted to a sharp change in temperature, diseases and pests. 

Autoflowering marijuana seeds combine the best characteristics of its parents: adaptability to different climates, high content of THK and CBD, and reliability of crops.

If you look at the assortment at you will find auto-flowering feminized seeds. It is the best choice for experienced and beginning growers.  The seeds make it possible for anyone to become a successful grower.

The Benefits of Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds for Canada

Canada has a harsh climate so we recommend our customers to choose and buy Autoflowering cannabis seeds at

1. A short ripening period. It is important because the Canadian summer has three months. If you use photoperiod seeds, you need to time planting and harvesting with seasons. If you want to grow marijuana from autoflowering seeds, you will get the desired result by the beginning of summer in the greenhouse. 

2. Easy growing. Auto-flowering weed has high immunity from Ruderalis. They do not need special protection from pests, diseases, and abrupt weather changes. You need to fertilize and water. 

3. Fast growth and short flowering stage. Autoflowering seeds are great for Canada because they ripen in short summers.

4. Feminized Cannabis Seeds have guaranteed germination rate. The plants have high levels of cannabinoids. 

5. The small size of the plants makes it possible to grow weed at home. Your neighbors will never guess what you are doing.

To all the advantages of auto-flowering weed, you can add the high quality of the final product.

Basic Tips for Growing Auto-flowering Weed in Canada

Suppose you buy auto-flowering seeds in with a guarantee of a high germination rate. We also recommend following some basic advice for the desired result. 

Key points to consider:

● Plant on time End of April is the best time for planting while growing indoors. If you grow outdoors, plant when you know for sure there would be no temperature drops and frostings. 

● Plant seeds in quality soil with medium acidity level.       

● Do not overwater. Water in moderation.       

● Do not apply too much fertilizer. Avoid burning the plants.

● Use 5-15 litre pots depending on the variety of marijuana.       

Contact seed bank to buy cannabis autoflowering seeds

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● Pay for your order by a credit card, wire transfer, PayPal.       

● Place your order. The shipping cost varies. 

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 When you make an order, remember that we will take care of your anonymity by packaging seeds in a discreet way. Fill out a simple form on our site and our sales managers will advise you on the varieties of autoflowering cannabis seeds for Canada.