Photoperiodic feminised

Photoperiodic feminised

Today, enthusiasts have developed many strains of auto-periodic fast-growing weed, resistant to diseases and pests. Nevertheless, photoperiodic weed seeds remain to be popular. They are obtained by strict selection to match the qualities of hybrids.

The seed bank offers best photoperiod cannabis seeds for sale carefully selected for cultivation in countries with harsh climates such as Canada.

Description of Photoperiodic Cannabis Seeds

The main feature of photoperiodic cannabis is the dependence on seasonal changes. The plants grow outside reacting to the duration of daylight hours. During sunny and long days, the plants develop their root and leave the system. As soon as the daylight shortens, the weed starts flowering and the buds ripen. 

Knowing more about photoperiodic weed you can adjust the size of the bushes, determine the duration of the vegetative and flowering stages, harvesting. Even beginning growers know that the higher levels of THC are achieved by prolonging vegetation stage.  

What are photoperiod-feminized seeds?

If you grow weed, then you know that the best plants high in THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are found in female plants. 

The seed bank sells feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized photoperiodic cannabis seeds significantly increase the chances for success. It is easy to grow: you do not need to track the beginning of flowering and segregate male plants.

What kind of lighting does Photoperiod Marijuana need?

For high-quality results, cannabis needs enough light at all stages. There are several recommended schedules: 

During the vegetation stage, use one of 2 modes:

● 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. This schedule is a gold standard and many growers swear by it. During 18 hours of light, cannabis fully realizes its growth potential, and 6 hours of darkness is enough for a good rest. Like all living things, weed needs to sleep. During the vegetation stage, marijuana needs a blue spectrum of light that stimulates the production of group B chlorophyll, responsible for the proper development of the root system, trunk, shoots and leaves.       

● 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. This mode is suitable only for some weed strains at Remember, not all strains of cannabis can withstand strong light.

 If you grow photoperiodic weed seeds, it will result in a rich harvest. However, it is not recommended for indoors because the bushes are very tall.       

For the flowering period of photoperiodic weed, the following schedule is recommended:

● 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness. The 12/12 schedule prompts the weed plants to switch into the flowering stage. It will take several days or a week depending n the variety. Keep this schedule until ready to harvest.       

At the flowering stage, marijuana plants need a red light spectrum because it supports the production of group A chlorophyll, necessary for the development of buds. 

● You can also use 14 hours of light and 10 hours of darkness. Outdoors most varieties of marijuana start flowering when the daylight hours are 14 hours or less. If you set the 14/10 schedule but cannabis does not bloom, then reduce the light by 20-30 minutes per day. Do this regularly until the plants start flowering or the duration of lighting reaches 12 hours. 

When ordering photoperiodic weeds seeds, consult the seed bank experts. They will explain which lighting mode to choose for a particular variety.

Best Photoperiodic Strain Seeds for Sale in Canada

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