Photoperiodic feminised

Photoperiodic feminised

Photoperiodic plants are the best choice for experienced growers in Great Britain and other countries. However, it does not mean that such varieties of marijuana are not a good choice for beginners. On the contrary, everybody should start somewhere. It is a good start. 

About Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds

Photoperiod marijuana seeds are identical to the seeds you find in nature because they naturally react to the changes in the daylight. Experienced growers know how to play with a light schedule, they can fix mistakes by switching to another type of light or duration. With the right light, the plants can grow fast and start blooming in full accordance with the expectations of the grower. Unlike auto-flowering varieties, photoperiod cannabis depends on light. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. Everything depends on your experience. 

Autoflowering cannabis is the exception to the rule. Regardless of the hours of light, autos will start to flower around 30 days post-germination (give or take). In contrast, photoperiod cannabis plants can remain in vegetative growth indefinitely, so long as they receive 18–24 hours of light per day. 


If you like to control the process and have some experience, buy photoperiod weed seeds. 

Why do photoperiod plants react to light?

Plant responses to light depend, logically enough, on the plant's ability to sense light. Photoperiod is the regulation of physiology or development in response to day length. Growth hormones are produced which cause the stem cells on the side away from the light to multiply causing the stem to tilt.

Mother Nature creates photoperiodic plants. The seeds germinate and start growing in spring, develop in summer and bring the harvest in fall. Marijuana plants react to the shortening of the daylight and switch into the flowering stage to have time to harvest before the cold season. 

Our seed bank offer the best seeds of the photoperiodic strain for sale. If you have a little bit of experience in it will be easy for you to experiment and grow a wonderful crop. It is an ideal option for experts and professionals.

If you are a beginner we recommend starting growing auto-flowering varieties of marijuana. They do not depend on light and will produce the crop 100%.  

Description of Photoperiodic Marijuana

Cannabis is an annual plant. And as a short-day plant, it will not be ready for harvest until autumn. In general, cannabis planted in the spring after the equinox will gradually shift from vegetative growth to bloom some time after the summer solstice, and finally, be ready for harvest sometime during autumn. How much sunlight each plant receives will set the pace of the crop.


Cultivation of photoperiod cannabis requires some knowledge and expertise. If you want to grow you should follow some recommendation. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the outdoor growing season is April–November. The summers become shorter and winters colder the further north you go. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the complete opposite, with the season running from August–April. Of course, there will be some regions that are outliers. But unless you are living close to the equator where a near-constant natural 12-12 day and night cycle prevails year-round, you must do some research.

● Is your country warm? Cannabis needs 20–28°C temperatures to grow to its full potential. 

● How long is the summer? How long are the days? First, you must pinpoint when 18+ hours of light will be available for vegetative growth. Then you must check approximately when sunlight is less than 12 hours to estimate a harvest window. Don’t get too hung up on a perfect 12-12. Remember, outdoor photoperiod cannabis will bloom slow and steady as the nights get longer. Some late-blooming super Sativas like Amnesia can grow to enormous sizes and not finish flowering until sunlight is down to 11 hours per day in late-autumn. 


● Will you grow indoor or outdoor? If cultivation is carried out in the closed ground, then the bushes should be transferred to the flowering stage when their height reaches half the permissible size


In general, photoperiod varieties have a high level of THC in leaves and bud. They have many advantages: 

● Photoperiod plants are created by Mother Nature. They are used as the basis for creating auto-flowering and feminized varieties.       

● High-quality seeds. Experienced growers buy the best seeds of the photoperiod in Britain. 

● Excellent Crop. However, you will receive high corps only when growing indoors or in warm regions. The bushes grow up to 4 meters tall and get high-quality weed. 

● Great for Selection. Photoperiod marijuana has excellent genetics.  


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