Cannabis seeds in Britain

Buy cannabis seeds online in the UK from online stores. We recommend buying from the NeuroSeeds seed bank because it offers a wide assortment of wonderful varieties, low prices and delivery anywhere in the world.

What can you find in our catalogue?

Our store presents a wide variety of cannabis seeds from the best seed banks in Europe. We sell: 

● auto-flowering cannabis seeds;       

● feminized cannabis seeds;       

● photoperiod cannabis seeds.       

Everybody has his or her favourite strains. Our customers can ask for advice and recommendations from our experienced representatives and make the right choice to buy cheap cannabis seeds online with a quality guarantee. 

We regularly update our assortment. We cooperate with the most successful breeders from different countries to immediately offer our customers quality seeds.

Before placing an order, we recommend that you read about home cultivation of plants and learn how to care for marijuana plants indoors. Both beginners and experienced growers have to understand that success depends on your gardening skills. If you are a beginner, start with auto-flowering feminized cannabis varieties. If you are an experienced grower, try something challenging like photoperiod cannabis seeds. You have to try before you succeed. You need to experiment to find your way of growing.

Why our store has high ratings and many satisfied customers? 

We care about our customers and protect their anonymity. NeuroSeeds store operates legally so you can legally buy cannabis seeds online. We package and ship your products in the discreet and secure envelope without any identification marks. The envelope will pass the customs with no problems. In the UK, the legislation allows the distribution of marijuana seeds. You have to understand that you are buying cannabis seeds and can use them the way you like. 


We are looking forward to the partnership with the retail and wholesale seller. We offer a generous partnership program with a variety of bonuses and promotions. 

Retail customers can buy cannabis seeds in any quantity. We guarantee your order even if you buy only one seed. Also, retail customers can select and buy a mix of marijuana seeds of different varieties. We offer a wide selection of the best varieties of Indica, Sativa and hybrids. Read the descriptions and recommendations for cultivation so you can figure out what cannabis plants are easy to grow and how to use seeds for arts and crafts. 

The wholesaler can contact us and discuss the most favourable prices, recommendations and confidentiality. 

NeuroSeeds online store takes confidentiality seriously. 


How are payment and delivery done by

We accept payments by:

1. Credit card;

2. Bank transaction;

3. PayPal.

All three options are available in the UK, some European countries, and other countries. Contact us for more details. Customers in the USA can pay through the PayPal payment system only. Payment by check or bank transaction is currently not available. We are working on updating payment options and we will inform customers about progress. 


We deliver to any country where the legislation does not ban the sale of cannabis seeds. Please, contact us to find out if it is possible to order marijuana seeds in your country. Currently, we do not deliver to Belarus, Georgia and some other countries. 


We care about our customers and offer a 100% guarantee if you decide to buy cannabis seeds in the UK. 

 If you find that the envelope was damaged during transportation or you doubt the quality of the seeds, let us know immediately. Send us an e-mail and describe a problem no later than a week after the delivery. The Neuroseeds team will do everything possible to resolve the issue.

If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds go to the NeuroSeeds online store. We offer the most attractive varieties. We guarantee the quality of seeds and excellent prices. We want our customers to be 100 % satisfied. 




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