Photoperiodic feminised

Photoperiodic feminised

Many people, beginning and expert growers, enjoy growing weed chosen from a wide range of cannabis strains bred by crossing Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Most awesome strains including auto-flowering cannabis are not demanding in care and they are popular with weed fans.

Why photoperiodic plants remain popular with experienced growers? 

Our devoted customers note that regular varieties have a more pleasant taste and deliver better, stronger and cleaner experience. That is why many people prefer growing photoperiodic cannabis and want to satisfy our customers by offering a wide range of seeds in this category. If you have some experience, you can be successful with photoperiod seeds and get a result that exceeds all expectations.

Features of Photoperiodic Weed

We believe that photoperiodic cannabis seeds are in no way inferior to hybrids. All photoperiod seeds in the are pre-selected to ensure high and reliable performance. The photoperiodic cannabis seeds can also grow both in greenhouses, outside or inside. 

You have to remember that photoperiod means that the plants depend on the duration of the daylight hours. The ancestors of this type of marijuana grew in nature and developed a sensitivity to the change of day and night. Starting from mid-March, the daylight grows till June 21. During spring months the plants have a vegetative period as the plants grow and gain strength. When the daylight drops below 14 hours it signals that autumn is coming. So marijuana switches in flowering and then ripening mode. 

The same happens in greenhouse conditions and the grower must regulate the duration of the light and dark periods. Growers can adjust the height of the bushes by reducing the time of light, or on the contrary, extend the daylight period to grow taller plants.  

How to grow photoperiod marijuana seeds 

To obtain a high-quality crop, you need to give your cannabis plants enough light and chose the right light/darkness mode. There are several options:

● 18 hours of light, 6 hours of dark. It is called a gold standard for photoperiodic weed, and other agricultural plants and flowers. During 18 hours of light, marijuana fully realizes its growth potential. Only the genetic characteristics of the variety can limit growth. Photoperiod cannabis uses 6 dark hours to rest, to gain strength and to store energy. 

 ● During vegetation, stage weed needs the blue spectrum light to contribute to the production of group B chlorophyll responsible for the formation of roots, trunk, shoots and leaves.       

● 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness (or full 24 hours of light). This schedule is good for vegetative stage some feminized cannabis seeds, which can be purchased at However, be careful because not all varieties can take so much light. Consult with specialists about a recommended lighting schedule placing an order.       

Light for photoperiodic marijuana during the flowering stage

● 12/12. 12 light hours and 12 dark hours. Such a distribution of day and night is necessary for the plant to bloom. Keep this mode until harvest.       

● During flowering, cannabis needs a red light spectrum to stimulate the production of group A chlorophyll needed for the proper formation of flowers and buds. 

● 14/10. It is an alternative used only for the photoperiod feminized seeds. The schedule includes 14 light hours and 10 dark hours. Experienced growers know that most photoperiodic cannabis plants begin to bloom when the daylight is about 12 or more hours. If you are in no hurry to harvest, set the mode to 14/10 and reduce daylight hours by 20-30 minutes every day. The plants will begin to bloom when the duration of lighting reaches 12 hours.       

Why is seed bank popular in the USA?

We are proud that about 60% of our buyers become our regular customers. Why do they come back and buy from us? There are several advantages we offer:

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4. Fast delivery. The cost depends on your address. 

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Do you want to buy the best cannabis photoperiod seeds but don’t know what to choose? Our experts are ready to advice you. Let us help you to make the right choice depending on where you live and what are the conditions. We are happy to share the advice and useful tips on growing weed. 

Do not hesitate or wait for the planting season. There are so many good choices for growing indoors at any time of the year. 

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